TOP Software Technology B.V.

Computers have become essential for the daily work we do. We use PCs, laptops, smart phones, smart watches, smart any things, and they are all connected with each other on the Internet to exchange information.

The "Internet of Everything" gives people and organizations unprecedented new possibilities to collaborate intensively with each other working on a distance.

But how can we organize our work in an optimal way? How does the work of people depend on each other? What do they want to achieve? And if this is clear, how can we make optimal use of our computer systems to support the things that need to be done?

Computer applications should be reliable and easy to use. However, due to the "Internet of Everything", applications are getting more and more complicated as well. They have to run on different platforms, have to keep each other up to date on the current state of affairs, while they maybe offline for a while due to failing connections or hardware.


The programmer has to take all of these different aspects into account and it is therefore quite an art to structure the software in meaningful way. Software tends to get messy very easily, is error prone, and gets difficult to extend or maintain. The development of reliable software that adequately supports what we want to do on the internet therefore requires thorough workmanship, is time-consuming and therefore expensive.

TOP Software Technology is an innovative company that focuses on the rapid, cost effective, development of reliable, tailor-made software to support people and systems collaborating with each other on the internet. We are specialized in supporting real-time collaborations, for example occurring in Command and Control systems. We support computer systems from large to very small.

Through the development of prototypes (Rapid Prototyping) we determine step-by-step, as quickly as possible, together with the customer and the end users, in an agile way, what the applications should be able to do, how they should work together, and how the user-interface should look like. Because we are able to show a working system at a very early stage, we can stepwise turn a prototype into an end product everybody is happy with.

TOP stands for Task Oriented Programming. We describe the work that needs to be done and the data that has to be exchanged in our language and generate from such a specification all software running on servers and clients. Everything can be generated from the same source code, which makes applications easy to understand and maintain.

Our software is written in Clean, a pure, lazy, strongly typed, Functional Programming Language we have developed over decades. Thanks to our software infrastructure we can develop reliable, tailor-made software faster and therefore cheaper.

We are not only developing applications. Our iTask system can also be used as basic infrastructure / middle-ware for other ICT service providers.

Our company builds on many decades of research done at Radboud University Nijmegen.