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We are looking for Experienced Functional Programmers

As part of our team, the job covers all aspects of software development:

  • talking to end-users,
  • the design and development of applications,
  • participating in the design and implementation of a state-of-the-art modern software infrastructures,
  • but also working on low-level support libraries and installation scripts.

We are a recently founded (2018) spin-off company located in the Netherlands, building on decades of research on Functional Programming at the Radboud University of Nijmegen (

By using advanced Functional Programming techniques and tools, we develop collaborative, distributed, multi-user / multi-system / multi-platform, web-oriented software applications for industry.

We focus on Command and Control type of applications such as VIIA where real-time information is used for monitoring and controlling.

We use Clean and the iTask  system offering Task Oriented Programming (TOP), a special flavour of Functional Programming to construct reliable software applications for our customers at a high-level of abstraction on an Agile manner.


If you are someone

  • Who is an academically educated Computer Scientist eager to apply Functional Programming to construct real-world industrial applications;
  • Who is an experienced programmer familiar with at least one strongly typed functional language, such as Haskell, Clean, Idris, Agda, F#, …;
  • With excellent programming skills and experience also in traditional tools and languages (C, Linux, HTML, JavaScript, WebAssembly, CSS, database techniques, GIT, …) ;
  • With the ability to write clean and well-structured code, to use test-generators, to perform code reviews and to help to maintain a high standard of correctness and quality;
  • Someone with problem solving and analytical skills;
  • Someone with good social skills which fits in our team and is able to convert the wishes of end-users to user-friendly applications that help them to do their work;
  • Motivated to learn new things, happy to work in a small team in which your individual initiative and contributions are appreciated;

don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer

  • A lot of freedom in planning your working time;
  • Part-time working e.g. for 4 days a week is possible;
  • The possibility to work online at home, but being at the office in Nijmegen regularly is appreciated;
  • To work in a talented and passionate team;
  • A competitive salary, 4 holiday weeks a year in addition to the national holidays, 8% holiday allowance a year.

If you want more information, give us a call: +31 (6) 43061434.

Send an email with your C.V.  if you are interested in working at Top Software Technology