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Orchestrating the Internet of Things 


Mart Lubbers, who recently joined our company, successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Orchestrating the Internet of Things with Task-Oriented Programming". Mart shows that in one (functional) language using one conducting concept (TOP), one can program and orchestrate all components being used in an application: all computers, all browsers, but even the tiniest IoT devices as can be found in sensors, home automation, etc. 
This highly increases the reliability and ease of programming of such software components and systems. Components are guaranteed to understand each other because they all speak the same language and the communication and synchronisation of the information they need to share is handled automatically. 
Like an orchestra where many different musical instruments are being used yet they can all be played in harmony thanks to the uniform notation of music and the TOP conductor who ensures that they play in sync.

The thesis of Mart Lubbers can be downloaded here for free. The cover shows an AI-generated picture of a conductor conducting an orchestra of computers, laptops, phones and servers.

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Software Engineering Award


The 6th Dutch national symposium on Software Engineering took place on Friday 31 January 2020 at the CWI in Amsterdam.
Rinus Plasmeijer, co-founder of TOP Software Technology, was one of the professors who received an award certificate from the chair, prof. Marieke Huisman, in recognition of his foundational contributions to the software research community.

25-9-2019 - 27-9-2019

Several TOP related papers have been presented at the 31st international symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL 2019) at the National University of Singapore.

Mart Lubbers from the Radboud University Nijmegen gave a talk on mTasks titled "Interpreting Task Oriented Programs on Tiny Computers".
Nico Naus from the University of Utrecht presented "A symbolic execution semantics for TopHat". TopHat defines a formal semantics for a subset of TOP.
Rinus Plasmeijer of TOP Software Technology presented "Lazy Interworking of Compiled and Interpreted Code for Sandboxing and Distributed Systems", work of Camil Staps and John van Groningen which technology is being used to execute TOP code in browsers.

TOP presentations at the IFL 2019 Conference Singapore 

Smart Campus with TOP, iTasks and mTasks


iTasks and mTasks are being used to explore a better integration of software and hardware for the Smart Campus of the University of Glasgow.

5-7-2020 - 9-10-2020 (update)

The first outcome of this research has been presented at the 10th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT 20) held in Malmö, Sweden.
Due to the Covid 19 crisis, it was an online event.
Mart Lubbers from the Radboud UniversityNijmegen  presented a paper with title: Tiered versus Tierless IoT Stacks: Comparing Smart Campus Software Architectures.
In the paper the advantages are explained of using the TOP mTask iTask approach over traditional approaches. 
It concludes that the TOP approach improves software quality, dramatically reduces development time, and improves the maintainability.


The annual Dutch Functional Languages Day was held this year for the 27th year in a row in Breda. It was organized by the Dutch Defence Academy (NLDA). 

Almost 70 participants, from industry as well as from university, attended the conference. 

There were two presentations about iTasks and TOP

Haye Böhm talked about the asynchronous sharing of information between iTasks clients and distributed iTask servers

Tim Steenvoorden presented TOPHAT, a formal calculus for TOP.

2019 FP day at the 
Dutch Defence Academy


We celibrated the foundation of TOP Software Technology B.V. together with the research team of the Software Technology group of the Radboud University, the architects and developers of Clean, iTasks and mTasks

TOP Software company started


Prof. Rinus Plasmeijer, CEO and co-founder of TOP Software Technology, gave a presentation at Ericcson in Budapest 

with the title: 

The iTask System: An Infrastructure for the Internet of Everything

Presentation at Ericsson

Ericsson R&D lab, Budapest, Hungary.